Education is a dynamic and long-term activity of Athan as it mainly focuses on the changes and progress of societal perspective on freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful assembly. Athan truly believes public opinion is one of the most effective ways to press the government and chambers of parliament to implement legal reform. In the initial years, Athan focused on the areas where most of the cases under repressive laws hindering the freedom of expression such as Telecommunications Law were filed.

Athan’s educational activities include conducting trainings, workshops, lecture talks for activists, members of Student Unions, ethnic people and sometimes ‘grassroot’ people, participating in national and international public events, raising awareness campaigns both online and offline, and, finally, publishing booklets related to freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful assembly. The trainings cover basic Human Rights and Freedom of Expression related concepts as well as local, national and international legislation, an overview over the most central international governance organs and a sensitization for media literacy. Since 2018, Athan has conducted 17 freedom of expression trainings across different States and Regions in Myanmar and decided to conduct more six trainings in ethnic areas in 2020, with the support of an ethnic partner organization of Athan, the Students and Youths Congress of Burma (SYCB).

Athan have particular evaluation systems for the conducted trainings and trainees’ performance. This means Athan always updates the training designs and develops the modules once each project ends, in order to make it the best and easiest way for people to engage in civil society.